Two Badass Moms

The thought of pregnancy, carrying my own child, giving birth and breastfeeding simultaneously gives me chills and brings the kind of tears that form unexpectedly. Physically speaking, I can't imagine the burden of dependence while suffering the loss of independence. The mere thought of leaving my career to become a full-time, at-home mom terrifies me; I … Continue reading Two Badass Moms

5 Reasons Why the [Education] Struggle is Real & It’s My Fault

Teacher or whatever, our struggle is real. We're busy, overextended, tired, sick of the rain (right, Washington!?), and dreaming about downtime that we're unlikely to create for ourselves. This week, just in time for St. Patrick's Day,  I came to the realization that my cynical Irish nature prevents me from being the best teacher and … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why the [Education] Struggle is Real & It’s My Fault

Teacher Can’t “Deal” with Fear-Based Policy

Deal with it. Over the past month I've run across editorials and social media posts that urge Americans to just "deal" with the presidency now that the election is over because "there's nothing 'you' can do about it." As a teacher, I can't. Schools are like tiny representations of the broader community. They have officials … Continue reading Teacher Can’t “Deal” with Fear-Based Policy