We chose adoption for many reasons, including a few selfish ones: we didn’t want to make the sacrifices a baby deserves; we love our active lifestyle; and finally, our work in Nepal affirmed that love is a choice – not a biological connection. As we tell P, “We wished for a boy just like you.”

Today we celebrated the anniversary of P’s American adoption. We sang, talked about his adoption story, ate sweets for breakfast and marveled at how we could end up with such a perfect match. Our decision to adopt was the right one for us. Strangers respond to our story with, “What a lucky boy” but our friends and family know the truth; Justin & I are the lucky ones.

Happy, happy Adoption Day! 🇺🇸

*This is a test post I stole from my FB page, but I love it so much it stays.

One thought on “Adoptaversary*

  1. I look forward to reading your blog. As one who is not able to live an active life anymore I will live vicariously through you, if I may. I admire and respect you so naturally I will follow your blog. Enjoy that snow.

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