Ripping the Bandaid Off

One of my 2016 goals was to start a blog. I have a lot to say and I keep being told I need to write a book. But, baby steps.

I have to confess, Fail and Shine has been sitting blank for four months.

Back in November, I did my research, and like most internet research, I found out things I didn’t want to know (WebMD, anyone?). For example, blogs are supposed to be narrow,  specific and employ every kind of social media to connect with readers. I also learned that bloggers are supposed to respond to every comment to encourage readership. That’s a lot of commitment. I feel like working full time, being married, running a non-profit and doing the mom-thing is about all of the commitment I can handle right now.

That’s why my blog has been sitting empty for the past four months.

Today is a new day, though. Actually, it’s a snow day and in the absence of work a blog post was calling. In some ways it feels like ripping a bandaid off. You know you want to do it, you should do it, but it might be painful and your friends will make fun of you if you cry (or if your post sucks). But here it is.

The only point of this post is to rip the bandaid off, say, “I’m here” and let the world know this is no longer an empty URL. Please be forewarned that I have no focus, Fail and Shine will only be on Twitter (posting pics to Insta ups the commitment level) and, for a variety of reasons, I might turn the comments off.

Because I do what I want.

So, in the spirit of failing to shine, here it goes… post.



3 thoughts on “Ripping the Bandaid Off

  1. Bandaids are taken off in one of two ways, fast or slow. Is no inbetween however it is commitment. Perhaps some ignore and it just falls off. Never considered this option.
    WebMd always leads to and then you die. It’s cancer. The way to annoy your doctor and set off on the right foot is “I read online”. I highly advise this as 12 years of college other then at Faber is a waste.
    Here’s to bandaids and thanks for writing.

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